Elvis Photo Rare 1948 sold on eBay

Rare 1948 Elvis Photos taken in Elvis Hometown Tupelo, Mississippi sold eBay

Elvis Photo Rare 1948

Janelle McComb,  was told that the woman who took the snapshot was on her way to the drugstore to drop off some film to be developed. She had one more exposure on the roll, and just asked Elvis, whom she knew, to pose. However,  the woman’s name remains unknown. ..

ElvisRare Photo with FTHER vERNONThe image was listed on eBay August 2014 and was  bought by a Germany Elvis fan. He  paid $361.68 for the rare Elvis photos taken in 1948 when Elvis was about 13 years old.

The auction started an Internet buzz on Elvis-fan message boards. Even Graceland EPE Inc contacted the seller known as Mr. Jones about acquiring the original. Hundreds of  Media requests poured in. Some believed they’d pinpointed the exact location in the picture. West Main Street, near the Tupelo Hardware store where Gladys Presley bought her son his first guitar.

Others denounced the photo as a fake; after all,  the seller, Mr. Jones was the same guy who had once auctioned water from a Styrofoam cup that Elvis had used on stage in Charlotte, and later sent the cup “on tour.” Yes, admits the digital-sensor salesman, but that was all in good fun.

Elvis with his first cousin
      Elvis Presley with first cousin Billy Smith

So, the question has to be asked? Is this indeed a rare photo of Elvis age 13 standing with his bike? Well compared to the other rare photos of Elvis taken at  about the same age… I believe it is…

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