Elvis First Love & Obsession

Love Me Tender 1956 Elvis First Movie
Starring Elvis Presley as Clint Reno and Debra Paget
Elvis got a flat $100,00 fee for the movie. The ending was changed
The original ending of Love Me tender has Mildred Dunnock (Elvis mother) ringing the dinner bell for the three brothers working in the filed
Debra Paget first appeared with Elvis on the Milton Berle Show in June 1956. She began her career at the age of fifteen in Cry of the City (her brother Ruell Shayne had a bit role in Love Me Tender) Contrary to popular opinion Debra Paget did not give Elvis his first screen kiss. That honor went to Jana Lund in Loving You  1957

During filming Elvis fell madly in love with co-star Debra Paget. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  However,  Paget was not interested because, at the time, she was dating Howard Hughes. At nights he would drive over to Paget’s family home and park outside for hours watching who was arriving.  Elvis never got over his first love. From then on he searched for the Paget look in almost every woman. Many believe that Elvis was smitten by Priscilla because she was a variation of Debra Paget.  Upon learning this,  Priscilla went so far as to try to  look like her rival by changing her hair. For Love Me Tender Elvis still had his natural “dish water blonde” hair, after which he dyed it black for the rest of his life.