Elvis Tennessee Williams Laurence Harvey


Everyone from famous writers, actors and directors all wanted some of the Elvis glow. Elvis seen here with Tennesee Williams  (1911– 1983) was an American playwright. Along with Eugene O’Neill and Arthur Miller he is considered among the three foremost playwrights in 20th-century American drama. With Laurenc Harvey( 1928–1973) was a Lithuanian-born South African-reared English actor.

Elvis with Liz Taylor
Elvis with Liz Taylor

In a career that spanned a quarter of a century, Harvey appeared on stage and  in  movies such as Room at the Top (1959) with Elizabeth Taylor (starred in films like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was just as famous for her violet eyes and scandalous love life )and Butterfield 8 (1960) with Harvey, The Manchurian Candidate (1962)   

Fred Astair with Elvis
                                            Fred Astair came to see Elvis in Vegas

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