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Elvis Presley Fashion Style 1950s   Rise of Teenage Culture
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In the mid 1950s was the decade that separated the fashion style between teenage sons and daughter and what  their parents were wearing.  The gap was filled by teenage clothing. Resulting from the economic boom and baby boom coinciding, teenage style, culture, and consumerism became a major part of society for the first time. Teens started to get disposable income from parents and part-time jobs, they also started to gain more leisure time and that combination meant more shopping. Around 1955, we start to see that some of the biggest trends are targeted towards teenagers. Suddenly, whole departments and catalog sections are devoted to (mainly female) teenagers and young adults. At this point, teenage culture and clothing also became a larger part of television, movies and music.

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Elvis Presley Style
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At the end of the 1950’s,  the fashion  became  sexy  and silhouettes with tighter skirts, shirts and dresses start to show up for women.  More importantly teenage boys took on the rebellious looks for men also emerge with leather motorcycle jackets, studded boots, and patterned shirts and sweaters becoming popular  for fans who wanted to emulate their screen heroes, James Dean, Marlon Brandon and Elvis Presley.   Elvis in Blue

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