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Bobby Darin  Dean Martin Elvis Presley


BobbyDarrin_ElvisPresleyBobby Darin born 1935 started his career  performing in New York coffeehouses to recording in the late 1950s. In 1958, “Splish Splash,” a novelty song he wrote relatively quickly, became an international hit. He then recorded adult-oriented tracks, hitting it big with “Mack the Knife” and earning two Grammys. He died on December 20, 1973 in Los Angeles, and posthumously entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame decades later. Darin adored Elvis and would see Elvis in concert many times. Elvis can be heard introducing Darin on Elvis live in Vegas concert when he noticed Darin the the audience.

Dean Martin Elvis Presley

Dean Martin Elvis

When Elvis Presley was introduced to Dean Martin’s daughter Deana, Elvis leaned in and said, ‘They call me the King of Rock and Roll, but your dad is the King of Cool’, recalls Deana Martin. ‘I almost died’, she said. ‘It has to be true, Elvis Presley thinks my dad is the King of Cool’.  When Elvis was well established as the King  in the summer of 1959 Elvis recorded ‘My Wish Came True’, which had an opening four-note motif identical to Martin’s ‘Return To Me’, (both titles having four syllables!) released in April 1958. Even the key is the same. Dean Martin and Elvis Presley were moving in tune with one another (excuse the pun)

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