Elvis Bedroom Photos

Elvis Presley’s Graceland home  holds some tantalizing secrets. The 2nd floor is private. So private in fact that no tours, no television crews or photographers and certainly no photos have ever been released to the public. This is last thing, regarding Elvis Presley that has yet to be revealed. It was Elvis’ secluded sanctuary where he lived and loved. Upstairs at Graceland is a puzzle and a temptation, a fascinating locked-room mystery that draws in the imagination of millions of fans.

However the best we fans can hope for is Elvis bedroom in his the first home he bought in 1034 Audubon Drive Memphis. Elvis purchased 1034 Audubon Drive with royalties earned from ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. This was a time of innocence, gracious southern living and the dawn of pop culture, as we know it today. During his 13 month stay at Audubon, Elvis became a multiple hit recording artist with RCA, movie star, teen idol, breadwinner for his immediate family   and ultimately homeowner

elvis bedroom photos

Elvis Presley Photos