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The Hooded Eye Look

June Juanico and ElvisWith his jet-black hair and hooded blue eyes, Elvis Presley may have been as handsome as ten movie stars.

 "I'd never break a virgin - there's enough prostitutes around" Elvis would tell the Memphis Mafia guys in later years. It was a rule he stuck to most of his life.

One of the questions I'm always asked is, "Did you sleep with Elvis?" says June Juanico the woman Elvis nearly married in 1956. "I tell 'em no, "

Juanico talks of the couple making love in 'their own special way' of Elvis saying he wanted the first time to be special and their agreement to wait until they were married. This was Elvis' first serious love but their 2year relationship would perhaps be less poignant had Elvis not gone on to become the King

Elvis Presley - Michelangelo's David
Elvis Presley looking striking like Michelangelo's statue of David

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