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For his 10th Birthday Elvis wanted a bike but he got a guitar instead - because it was cheaper and less dangerous. Elvis did get a bike but is was a second-hand one donated by uncle Vester

Elvis First Bike - First Bicycle

Vintage Harley Davidson Motorbike
Harley Davidson Vintage 50s Motorbike

Elvis Bike 1950s

Before his Harley Elvis drove Bicycles

A handyman is all I am around this place
 Every time I turn around he's right up in my face
Bring it in, drag it out - When I'm slow, boy he shouts
 Gettin awful tired runnin' in and out
But it's too bad, I can't get mad - Cause I'm a roustabout

Elvis Bicycle - Hollywood Bike

Elvis Harley Davidson Bike

Elvis got a Bike from a Fan Club
Peter Aldersley present Elvis with a bicycle during the making of That's the Way It Is

Elvis Motobikes in Movies - Roustabout
Elvis - Roustabout

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